As a small business owner, you are responsible for a lot of different aspects of your business. Chances are you’re not an expert at all of them – but that’s okay. We’re here to help with the numbers, provide the financial guidance you need to succeed and support you as you create a plan for growth.

annual budget


An annual budget is the roadmap for your business; it helps you track progress and ensures that you are making sound financial decisions. But knowing how much money to set aside for unexpected expenses or how to avoid overspending is sometimes easier said than done. We will work with you to understand your business and goals (even the big dream) so we can create an operational budget that makes sense for you, your spending and the profitability of your business.



When it comes to running a small business, cash flow is king. Having a strong handle on your finances is crucial to keeping things running smoothly – and that’s where a cash flow forecast comes in. We’ll help you build a 12-month projection of your company’s inflows and outflows of cash including a projected balance sheet and cashflow statement so you can avoid financial surprises as your business grows and keep the good times rolling.

business valuation


Whether you are seeking the valuation to sell or buy a business, add or remove shareholders, complete succession planning, or even strategically plan for tax season, our experts will ensure your financials are up to date and gain a deep understanding of your business and the purpose of the valuation.



We'll email you a dashboard with all the numbers relevant to your business: budget-actual variance reports, key profitability and trend ratios, cash flow statement, profit and loss statement, balance sheet and aged A/R and A/P reports.

Health check meeting 

Health check meeting 

We'll meet with you to review the reports and interpret the numbers to give you insights into how your business actually performed during the period. It’ll include:

  • Payroll check-in

  • Reminders: Receipts, Mileage, instalments, etc

  • App training & troubleshooting

  • Time to ask your questions 



Need more than the standard financial statements? We'll work with you to understand your business and show you metrics that matter so you can better understand the story of your business with insights into your profitability, Break-Even, and trend and ratio analysis.


Plans and Pricing

Whether you’re just starting out or a “chief something officer,” we can handle your taxes and set you up for success.

Find the plan that’s best for your business.


Learn more about how our full-service offering helps small business owners keep on top of their cash and profitability.