At True North Accounting, we believe that your success is our success. That's why our team of expert CPA advisors is committed to being your business partner every step of the way. Whether you need help with financing, reporting standards, valuations, or reaching your growth targets, we're here to help you meet your goals. Our core values of authenticity, adaptability, enthusiasm, and excellence are the driving force behind our dependable guidance.


In today's competitive business environment, growth is essential to survival. However, managing finances can be challenging, and poor financial decisions can quickly lead to business failure. That's where we come in.

Expert Advisors With You – Every Step of The Way.

Looking to take your business to the next level? With years of experience and a passion for seeing businesses thrive, we are dedicated to providing dependable financial guidance to support your growth objectives.

TNA_team_Matt Peterson

Matt Peterson

Partner, CPA
TNA_team_Dil Sran

Dil Sran

Partner, CPA

Matt Peterson

Partner, CPA

Meet Matt Peterson, expert CPA and dynamic business owner who can take your business to new heights. With over 20 years of experience in finance, accounting, and entrepreneurship, Matt is ready to provide you with the advice and guidance you need. From his time with PwC to starting True North Accounting in 2015, Matt has worked on billion-dollar deals and helped small business owners with bookkeeping, accounting, tax, strategy, and more. He’s grown True North from 4 to 24 people, all while navigating the ever-changing accounting profession.

But Matt’s not just a numbers guy - he’s also tech-savvy and is constantly learning and adapting to the latest trends. With a vast network of contacts in Calgary, he can help you find the right people that align with your values and vision to grow your business. If you’re a business owner looking for real, actionable help from someone who’s been in your shoes, Matt has the expertise and passion to help you succeed.

Dil Sran

Partner, CPA

Meet Dil Sran, the problem-solving CPA who's passionate about helping clients succeed. With over 8 years of experience at a big 4 accounting firm, Dil has the expertise to provide exceptional results for his client’s time and time again. He's helped them achieve cost savings exceeding $100 million, secure financing, improve internal processes, and increase bottom-line revenue. His expertise in cashflow forecasting and proforma statements has been instrumental in driving growth and success for his clients.

His dedication to delivering exceptional results has recently led him and the True North Accounting Advisory team to grow a client's revenue by 300% year over year, turning them into a multi-million-dollar business. With a genuine desire to help his clients succeed, Dil is a trusted advisor who puts his clients' best interests first.

When he's not helping clients, Dil loves playing sports and spending time with his family. If you want a trusted advisor who's committed to helping you succeed, Dil Sran is your man.

“I can't say enough good things about Dil. He's super responsive, if I have an issue or question I typically get a response in less than 24 hours. Having someone like this handling my accounting allows me to focus on growing my business.”


"The TNA team has a very honest and genuine attitude towards advising clients and advised me with my best interests at heart. I really did appreciate their honesty, helpfulness and technical knowledge! Highly recommended."


"Hands down the best accounting firm I have been with; they have made owning a small business so much easier. My stress has decreased 10 fold! Looking forward to working with this team for many years to come!"


"I’ve had the chance to work with True North Accounting for just over 2 years now. Matt and Dil have provided me invaluable advisory services that have helped me strengthen my margins and grow my business. I highly recommend True North Accounting."


Some of the ways we help businesses grow.

As a small business owner, you are responsible for a lot of different aspects of your business – but managing your finances shouldn't be a burden. Let us take care of the numbers, provide the financial guidance you need to succeed, and support you in creating a plan for growth. With our expertise in financial management, strategic planning, tax planning and compliance, cash flow management, and financial reporting and analysis, we can help your business thrive.

Develop a clear business strategy

  • Helping to design the right metrics for a business
  • Advising on debt repayment 
  • Obtaining growth capital
  • Forecasting
  • Setting up operating budgets
  • Benchmarking
  • Performing financial analyses to help businesses make - decisions: investment opportunities, pricing analysis,  break-even analysis, etc.

Help with tax planning

  • Developing a tax planning strategy
  • Helping clients avoid costly tax penalties
  • Evaluating tax implications of important business transactions and moves
  • Working with wealth advisors to strategize on where to invest to minimize tax

Explore financing options

  • Creating a comprehensive business plan or investors deck 
  • Helping with loan applications
  • Locating grants in Alberta and Canada

Improve operational efficiency

  • Evaluating new systems, implementing them and setting up integrations
    • Automated creation, sending and collection of invoices
    • Filling out, approving and using timesheets
    • Quoting and pricing process and calculators
    • Collecting data from various sources and using it to update dashboards/scorecards
    • Organizing receipts, statements, documents and bills in the cloud — automatically 
  • Creating and implementing new systems, policies and procedures for their core business processes

Manage Risk

  • Protecting your assets and financial future with insurance and corporate structures
  • Designing internal controls to help prevent fraud and other financial losses and protecting your small business from risk
  • Developing business interruption or disaster recovery plans to mitigate the loss and impact on your business if disaster strikes

Restructure and value your business

  • Valuating your business and developing a restructuring plan if needed
business audit & plan


Through an in-depth audit of your processes, we'll empower you to safeguard against fraud, streamline operations with automation, improve data collection, and optimize roles. Armed with this invaluable knowledge, we'll collaboratively develop a robust business plan that propels you towards unwavering success.

goal planning


Every business owner dreams big, but organizing your aspirations into milestones can be a challenge. We'll work with you to ensure your long-term goals that are 10 to 20 years down the road are made into a reality by achieving your 5-10 year medium-term goals.

Paying close attention to your one-year goals, we'll break them down into quarterly key results, often referred to as "rocks." These short-term objectives could entail hiring a new salesperson or attaining a remarkable $150,000 in new sales. 

During your advisor meetings, you'll have the opportunity to assess your monthly financials in relation to your quarterly goals, ensuring steady progress and alignment so each successful year brings one step closer to long-term satisfaction.

annual budget


An annual budget is the roadmap for your business; it helps you track progress and ensures that you are making sound financial decisions. But knowing how much money to set aside for unexpected expenses or how to avoid overspending is sometimes easier said than done. We will work with you to understand your business and goals (even the big dream) so we can create an operational budget that makes sense for you, your spending and the profitability of your business.

cash flow forecast


When it comes to running a small business, cash flow is king. Having a strong handle on your finances is crucial to keeping things running smoothly – and that’s where a cash flow forecast comes in. We’ll help you build a 12-month projection of your company’s inflows and outflows of cash including a projected balance sheet and cashflow statement so you can avoid financial surprises as your business grows and keep the good times rolling.

financial management


To grow your business, you'll need more than standard financial statements. We'll work with you to understand your business and show you metrics that matter so you can better understand the story of your business with insights into your profitability, Break-Even, and trend and ratio analysis. Here are some of the ways we can help you make informed decisions:


The Chief Financial Officer analyzes the historical info and data provided by the Controller and uses it to make decisions and drive the business forward strategically toward its long-term goals.


Overseeing the entire accounting function, the controller ensures bills are paid, payroll is run, accounts receivable is collected, the bank has cash, bookkeeping is up to date, custom reports are generated and the CRA is happy.


This role builds customs reports, updates cash flow forecasts, monitors cash, pays bills and manages integrations and software. 


Responsible for keeping the day-to-day records of the business organized and clean from a data perspective. They build the foundation of the financial statements. Typical tasks include bank reconciliations, matching collections to accounts receivable, tracking accounts payable, job costing, organizing receipts and documents and sometimes running GST.

growth advisory


We're here to help you spot exciting opportunities and learn how to seize them to supercharge your business growth. Our growth advisory services are designed to boost revenue, maximize profitability, and increase market share. It's like having a business coach with some serious CFO superpowers by your side. Together, we'll unlock your business's full potential and set it on a path to success. 

risk management


We'll guide you through risk identification and management that have the potential to disrupt your business operations. We'll look at protective measures, from implementing asset protection strategies to utilizing tax-efficient insurance products and fortifying your cybersecurity defenses that safeguard your business and enable you to thrive amidst an ever-changing landscape.

Health check meeting 

Health check meeting 

We'll meet with you to review the reports and interpret the numbers to give you insights into how your business actually performed during the period. It’ll include:

  • Payroll check-in

  • Reminders: Receipts, Mileage, instalments, etc

  • App training & troubleshooting

  • Time to ask your questions 



We'll email you a dashboard with all the numbers relevant to your business: budget-actual variance reports, key profitability and trend ratios, cash flow statement, profit and loss statement, balance sheet and aged A/R and A/P reports.

exit planning


Whether you are seeking the valuation to sell or buy a business, add or remove shareholders, complete succession planning, or even strategically plan for tax season, our experts will ensure your financials are up to date and gain a deep understanding of your business and the purpose of the valuation.


Connect with our team of seasoned experts and discover how we can help you stay laser-focused on what truly matters - running and growing your business.