Building a successful small business is going to require knowledge beyond your expertise. It’s OK if you’re not a math whiz, wordsmith, coding geek or creative genius. The more you’re able to outsource to experts, the more you can focus on doing what you love.

Here are some of our favourite partners that can support your business, too.


All the right talent, all in one place.

Affordable legal help at your fingertips.

Cloud bookkeeping and accounting software for small businesses.

Better healthcare options for small businesses.

Find trained virtual assistants for your business.

Personal Tax, US Tax, Audits, Reviews & Not-For-Profits

Here are some accountants that specialize in areas that True North does not focus on.

Nicholas Mah, CPA, CA, partner

Specialty area: Personal tax & sole proprietors, review engagements, trust audits, not for profit and societies, corporate and personal tax planning, agricultural industry tax and succession planning.


Nathan Geib, CPA, CA, CPA (AZ) - Abacus 

Specialty areas: US tax and cross-border tax planning, estate planning, reorganization and other unusual tax problems


Mike Oosterhof, CPA, CA - Dart Bryant

Specialty areas: Not-for-profit accounting and assurance, estate administration, complex tax planning


Adam Stepa, CPA, CA - Infinite CPAs

Specialty areas: Review engagements (corporations only), personal taxes, estate planning and returns, integrated wealth management




We can provide bookkeeping on a quarterly or annual basis if you have less than 150 transactions per month. If you need your bookkeeping done on a regular basis (weekly or monthly), you will need to hire a bookkeeper separate from True North Accounting.

A good bookkeeper can run your payroll, pay bills and taxes, collect invoices and track all of your financial transactions.


Rebecca Moore - RMoore Solutions

PH: 403-919-4690 


Specialty areas: personal taxes, sole proprietors, and bookkeeping.

Managed IT Service Provider

Protect your data and keep your networks safe and secure. These guys will take care of external monitoring for malware, spyware, viruses, and do daily remote backups. Make them your best friends.


Chad Thomas - Proactis

Proactis is a wealth of knowledge and will guide you through your IT strategy and help you make the right decisions. Specializing in small to medium sized IT managed services and Virtual CTO.

Financial Planner

Ryan Gubic, MBA, CFP, CPA, CGA - MRG Wealth management

Specialize in helping business owners grow their investments more efficiently using a systematic approach to wealth management that integrates financial planning, investments, and insurance with a tax optimization focus.

Insurance Brokers

There’s a lot to figure out when it comes to insurance: general liability, professional liability, vehicle, life, critical illness, disability, health spending accounts, health benefit plans, and on. 

If you’re not careful, this area can be a black hole of money down the drain. A good insurance broker will keep you informed on the differences between quotes.


Dustin Daniel, Partner - Deboski & Co 

Specialty areas: 
1) Life, critical illness and disability coverage for the private company owner or medical / dental professional 
2) Cash flow / financial planning for the private company owner or medical / dental professional


If your business is important to you, use a lawyer. Always use a lawyer to incorporate and anytime you make a share transaction or change directors. We can recommend:  


Matt Olson - Olson Law Group

Specialty areas: Corporate, commercial, real estate, wills and estates