Personal Taxes

We take care of your corporate taxes, and personal taxes too.

As your small business accountant, we provide support with everything from investment income and capital gains to write-offs, expenses, deductions and income splitting. We have experienced CPAs, a streamlined system, and service that ensures you’re meeting all the deadlines and avoiding audits. It’s personal tax with the personal service you deserve. Our personal tax services are available to corporate clients only. 

Always up to date

Always looking for ways to save you tax dollars, if we see something important, we’ll ask you about it. And if something significant happened in your life, it’s important that you tell us. Did you get married or divorced? Did you have medical issues this year, buy a house, sell your house, move for a new job, or have another child? We have a thorough T1 checklist that we send out each year in March to help you gather all the information.

RRSP contributions

Your RRSP contribution limit is based on your prior year’s “earned” income and accumulates unused contribution room year upon year. We can always advise you on how much you can or should contribute to your RRSP, but the CRA will always send out a Notice of Assessment that contains this information. Once your personal tax return has been filed and processed by the CRA, they will provide your Notice of Assessment by mail or electronically, depending on your preference.

CRA and audit support

The CRA sends all correspondence in those foreboding brown envelopes. You can open these letters, read them, and call the CRA for a quick and painless conversation. Or, you can let us handle it. Just bring them to our office, email a copy of the letter to us, or just call and we’ll have a quick chat about what the CRA is asking about. As your accountant, we do everything to help you avoid getting audited – and if that brown envelope does arrive, we’ll deal with the CRA on your behalf. Ask us how we act as your representative with the CRA.

Tax Free Savings Account

The Tax Free Savings Account (“TFSA”) is a way to earn money with investments and not pay any tax on gains, dividends or income. The annual contribution limit typically ranges from $5,000 to $10,000 and is cumulative. You must invest after-tax dollars in your TFSA, and, unlike RRSPs, you do not get a tax break now by investing in your TFSA. Let your TFSA investments grow for your entire life, then convert your capital into a steady stream of tax-free income when you retire. The opposite of the RRSP, which saves you taxes today, TFSA doesn’t save you any tax now, but everything you withdraw from the account is tax-free.

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