The small business journey is easier with our Chartered Professional Accountants.

Serving small businesses in Calgary and Okotoks, we offer corporate accounting services you can trust – all year long. With experienced CPAs on staff, we stay up to date on the latest tax laws and ensure you get all the deductions available to you. We provide tax planning services, help you pay subcontractors and consultants, advise you when it comes to write-offs and expenses, and offer a second opinion on your tax situation.

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Count on our CPAs

We have two Chartered Professional Accountants in the office, which is the new title used after Chartered Accountants, Certified Management Accountants and Certified General Accountants merged. Our CPAs are former Chartered Accountants who understand all the available tax write-offs available to you. With our specialized service offering, we only work with consultants, contractors, subcontractors, self-employed tradespeople, realtors, professionals and holding companies.

Financial statements

Every business should have financial statements prepared each year. Financial statements are translated into the corporate tax return to determine corporate taxes owing. Your corporation’s financial statements include both an Income Statement and a Balance Sheet. We do an income statement to determine how much tax you owe and a balance sheet to show how much money you have made and paid every year in cumulation. The balance sheet is critical as it shows the cash in your bank, the value of the equipment or assets you own, your credit card and loan balances as well as the equity you have accumulated.

Other statements

We take care of your T1s,  General Ledger, Trial Balance and financial statements. If you’re a consultant, contractor, subcontractor, self-employed tradesperson, realtor, or professional, your business will only need Notice To Reader financial statements.

Reviewing your performance

Want to know the financial results of your small business and get valuable advice? We developed a simple process that allows us to give you an up-to-date financial picture of your business, several times a year. We use an app called Hubdoc to gather your company bank and credit statements, which we can then import into Xero and code the transactions to appropriate accounts. We can sit down with you every quarter to review the financial results and address any tax planning opportunities.

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